Naughty Pastors Wife #1

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naughty pastors wifeWell lets see where should I start? I am married to a pastor, for 14 years now and have a dirty little secret. I can not tell my husband, it would not be a good ending if I did. But what am I to do? You are wondering; what is my secret, well here you go.... I have a real high sex drive and my husband does not satisfy me, or turn me on that much anymore. I am not sure why, it just happened over the years. Don't get me wrong, it is good and what he does to me is great, but I just don't get mine; if you know what I mean. I have started to fantasize about me and other men or me and other women. This seems to be the only way I can reach and get mine; but this does not always work either. I usually have to masturbate in the shower or when he's not here. This is starting to get old as well. I really do want to have sex with another female at-least once, just so I can see if I like it. I know if I do, I would want it more and more, but my husband would never be-able to find out. Am I wrong for wanting to have an affair with another woman, and having a sex life I can enjoy? I want to get mine so bad with another woman, that thinking about it is getting me hot and bothered right now. I also like telling my partner what I like and what I want him or her to do to me. This is something I can not tell my husband either, he don't care for that kind of stuff. I love it, it is such a turn on for me and gets me real wet. I just need to be myself while having sex and get mine while doing it. I am so horny and wet right now, and all I want to do is have sex. I have more secrets to share, and much juicer ones, this is just a taste.

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+1 #3 amazing!timoria 2011-03-27 11:20
It's good that you know what you want sexually. So many people don't find out until late. What happens if you tell your husband how you feel? The Bible does say that women should submit to their husbands. Maybe you can get him to talk about why he has the hangups that he does and tell him about your wants. Tell him how good he makes you feel or something. Find something good in your encounters with him that turns you on. For me, your story makes me hot! The lines between sexuality and spirituality, and morality are fascinating. Sex can be spiritual when done with those you feel deeply connected to. What is considered immoral sometimes, like a woman expressing pleasure she enjoys from being with her husband is sometimes frowned on. It seems to me that as a woman, it would be essential to let our partners know the things they do that please us, this would make him feel good too I hope. Seems like he brings the ministry to the bedroom. What do you think would happen if you told him what satisfies you sexually? How does he see other couples that he marries? What does he imagine their sex life will be like ? What is his philosophy when it comes to premarital counseling? Does he see women being so submissive that they have no voice in the marriage? I could go on for days with questions, but I'm sure by now you may have made your choice. hope to hear from you... good luck
+5 #2 I am a pastors wifesecretsteph 2011-02-25 02:25
I was passed around by my mothers friends it Started after my dad left. mom did coke and was very popular with men this is where it gets wierd I loved being naked and having them pay attention to me. I began having group sex at 11 and never wanted it to stop. I was a little bit of a nyph until after highschool. I had random sex with strange men regularly, and they would come over often. My stupid mom was a druggie and let them take me places to get naked. It was fun. After highschool I WENT TO A church concert and got saved and tried hard to follow. I met a cute guy and he was so nice and genuine. durring pre marriage counseling I confided in the pastors wife about my past and I went into detail. I had had hundreds of sexual experiences. She told me if He is the one from God I wont have anymore desires for sex with others. Was she wrong about everything. My husband is a lovely man and has a heart for the poor. His dad was a pastor and my husband has a lot of sexual hangups, He does not like oral sex and only does it in one position with no lights. I want to get wild but it grosses him out. He saw a white girl with a black kid and was disgusted. I was lied to he is a great man and loves me but I was doing stuff at ten that he will never try. we have been married 3 years and I have had a dozen or so encounters(inte rracial Gangbangs) he has no idea and I am very secretive he goes on mission trips 3 0r more times a year. I drive my little car to San Bernadino dressed like a porn star and I am astonished how forward I am. I will see a group at a park durring the day and pull up and ask directions when they come close they see what im wearing. I love love love when they come on me and in me. I realize now I shouldnt have got married I wanted a life with him but I fooled myself into thinking he was enough. Im tiny and look like Selena Gomez Black men love me.
-1 #1 RE: Naughty Pastors Wife #1Ghost Hunter 2010-11-02 15:52
When? When? When?