A Story About My Cousin

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intimate-cousins-incestIt was the summer of 1989 and I had just turned 24. I had made the decision to move in with my uncle, his wife, and daughter for work. They lived near a steel making factory and I decided to start working there. Upon arriving, I had come to notice how beautiful my 16 year old cousin Christina had come to be. At one time she was just a little dorky girl with glasses, but she developed into a really sexy young woman; really cute, but still sexy. She had some great small perky breasts, they were well shaped though. And she has smooth, silky, straight blonde hair. All I can say is, she had some something about her. Now this is the kind of girl that never shows off her cleavage, always wears a t-shirt, or a button up shirt, but never anything that would even give a hint of her breasts.

I would always start to feel perverted around her, because I would just want to get a nice good look at her figure. At the same time I would get carried away and not realize just how perverted I was being. It was easy to get carried away looking at what kind of clips are in her hair and start staring downwards, seeing that bulge of her bra through her tight little shirt; just trying to get a good look. Wondering, admiring; I didn't realize just how perverted I was being until I caught myself as she was watching TV. I was peeking through the crack in her button up shirt and I got a really great view of her breasts in a bra of course, and she caught me looking! Which, by the way, was so embarrassing! She just laughed, got up, and walked away.

I felt so pathetic for so long. I never really went out because we lived kind of in the middle of nowhere, so her and my aunt were the only women I really saw all of the time. I mean, aside from the women at the supermarket and such.

Steering away from the subject at hand, there would never be a day that I wouldn't come home from the factory totally exhausted from working all day in the hot foundry; which is the reason I was so tired on this particular day. I had just come home from work, it was just like any other day, but on this day I was really, really tired. It was the summer, so the heat really took its toll on me. I couldn’t even make it to my bed. I got out of my pants, put on some mesh shorts, and just called it a day. I passed out on the floor, the bed was just too warm for me to handle. I fell asleep on the floor and fell into a little dream, that natural sleep, not just the kind of sleep that you do because,' well it's the nighttime; let's go to bed' , kind of sleep, this was a real deep sleep.

I was awakened by Christina standing over me, asking if I would like something to eat. Along with being wakened up, I did get a great view up her little skirt to see her pink panties. It turned me on, and it even distracted me from answering the question for a dazed moment. I said please and of course I was hungry as a wolf. She brought back a plate with two sandwiches, so we had a nice little meal, I laid on my back the whole time, and her sitting with her legs crossed and her pink panties in my face. Me being the pervert that I am, she would catch me giving her kitty a quick glance every few moments, but she would just give me a very gentle smile.

Soon after the meal was over, I was done staring at her crotch. We gave each other a soft smile, and I thanked her for the meal. She was more than glad and I closed my eyes. I heard her leave the room and wash the dish. Suddenly I feel her hands on my chest, I was too tired to really react,  I did open my eyes though.  I obviously had to examine what was happening. She sounded aggressive and even angry, for some odd reason as she told me, “You like to look at me, you’re checking me out huh??" She said it very hornily. I looked down and she's working on my member on one of my legs. She’s just rubbing her crotch all over my piece. After a couple minutes she lifted up her skirt and revealed her wet pink panties.

I was still so tired from work; it was such a sensation, just a perfect tease, not too much so that I would just shoot my load though. She went on humping me for a while and suddenly she got up, stating “I’m wet ", obviously as she stood up to take off her panties. Before she could get back to rubbing, I grabbed her ass as she was squatting. I stuck my tongue inside of her wet kitty and I felt her juices just drop all over my chin, my neck, eventually my chest somehow. I lifted her up and commanded her to turn around, and I gave her ass a nice hard bite, which made her do a little scream right before I gave her firm little ass a nice smack.

I grabbed both of her butt cheeks and spread them out and I gently started kissing her a$$hole... One time she jumped, I'm sure no one's done that to her before. After a few kisses she was getting used to it, and I don't think she even noticed how hard she was panting as I licked out her ass. She bent over and started returning the favor on my member, but she only got to give it some more massaging, with her mouth, over the mesh shorts. Then her folks showed up you can hear the car roll up to the house, so we had a minute or two. Not like we were wearing much to begin with.

She grabbed her panties and headed out of the room and I went back to sleep. This would be the first of only a few incest experiences; this went on and on. I wouldn't say that it was a love/hate relationship. but after that time, I would never really come on to her. It was more of a 'if she wanted it' kind of thing, but soon after she got with a guy and had a boyfriend. I would get real jealous, although I hadn't been with her in some time. Anyways, I grew some balls and one night I just walked into her bedroom. I kissed her neck and gently massaged her stomach, feeling her pulsing as I went down on her. I did it real slow you know..Not all fast and rough. This was gentle and calm and truly orgasmic. The kind of lust you yearn for. The kind of action that you know she definitely had to enjoy. Well, at least I hope she enjoyed it. After I was done, she wouldn't let me leave. She held my hand and led me into the bathroom. She sat up on the sink, and I starting pumping her real slowly, and she was just loving it. It couldn't have been this enjoyable, hadn't we had any foreplay. I felt her kitty getting all wet and my member still felt completely dry somehow, although her juices were getting all over my piece. In the heat of the moment, we jumped into the shower. The hot water, the steam, the early morning, it was so unreal, it just felt too good. I came inside of her not even looking back. After that day things were never the same, she had a young girl 9 months later…

By this time she was nearly 20 years old, her and her boyfriend ended up having a rocky relationship afterwards. They broke up, never having been married and she ended up just being a mom married with a few kids. I prospered into a powerful man, I still help her out to this day with as much as I possibly can, and we are a happy family

I see my younger relative all the time!

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0 #4 ur cousinitsjustme 2010-10-17 10:05
Its good ur still there for her but wat will y'all tell ur daughter how did her parents act or do they know it was u that did that to her
0 #3 RE: A Story About My Cousintoni reyno 2010-09-28 07:17
it was a good story, do you also spend time with your daughter? i hope you make life alot easier for them- because you can and because you should....im glad that you care
+2 #2 RE: A Story About My CousinMollyMay 2010-09-12 21:19
I loved your story.
0 #1 RE: A Story About My Cousinprivate. 2010-09-12 12:07
at least you take care of the poor girl