Tales Of My Sister

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incest-brother-sisterIt all started way back when.... I had never been attracted to my sister... but when I turned 15 I started to see her in a different light. Started to see her for who she really was. A horny woman, a horny woman in need of sex. I would hint at her for years .. but really, who hits on their sister?? I didn’t know how to start. I would start hanging around her room more often until it turned into her hanging in my room. After so long I stopped trying to get at her and noticed that she would be kind of hinting at me.. Days on and days on, I would wonder to myself, "is my sister giving me the eye?"

She has always been this sort of apathetic child and unaffectionate. One of those women that you just wouldn’t ever be able to tell what she likes... Maybe she's a lesbian.. Besides the point. Back onto the story ...

We would hang around so much that I would forget she was even there in my room and what happened was, she fell asleep in my closet while I was gone I suppose I just got home and I decided that I wanted to masturbate, don't ask me why but sometimes I wear a condom when I masturbate, when I just don’t want to spooge all over my own stomach or something, or I have some nice clothes on; no one wants their own semen on them. I continued as I do with a condom on and she pops out of the closet, and yes even to me, this story sounds kind of fake, but I can assure you that it’s not. She just sits there and stares at me from the closet. I felt kind of scared, even though it wasn’t anything bad, although it's what I wanted all along. I was trembling with some fear of some kind, but she was kind and I stepped towards her while putting my piece away. 

She just looked at me as I kneeled down to sit in the closet with her, with this look of confusion, as she spoke, " no don’t put it away", she started gently scratching on my stomach under my shirt and it just made me tingle inside; I fell in love with my sister, damn! She turned around and I got the hint and I really tried to walk away, but the situation itself just turned me on so much that I couldn't handle it.

I had been wanting to f@ck her for so long and maybe it wasn’t even worth wanting. I pulled away after few moments. I sat back down on my bed and she just followed me, and just continued without a care. I didn’t know what to feel. She put her knees up on the bed and I slipped inside of her, I gave her a gentle moan, but she just sat there for the long while and it felt great. My hard member just kept pulsing and I was feeling her pu$$y pulsing on my member. Of course someone came home and I had to let her go... this was just the first time of a few times ... :) the end  

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+1 #6 my sisterjohn 2010-11-18 17:53
Quoting kobra000:
didn't these little escapades cause a lot of grief and anxiety? i mean how could you be comfortable with it.

yes there is some anxiety but no grief.
+3 #5 my sisterjohn 2010-11-18 17:52
I have been intimate with my sister and two of my cousins, its incredibly erotic and taboo. thats probably what makes it so inticing, and if your careful not to get pregnant than why would it be any different than BAD WORD ing any other girl?
+1 #4 RE: Tales Of My Sisterzigzag4497 2010-11-11 23:53
i have had similar thoughts of my sister but i know would never come true if only right
+1 #3 Johnny on the spotJohn Brown 2010-10-30 17:51
I have been with my sister also! its incredible.
0 #2 RE: Tales Of My Sisterkobra000 2010-09-11 01:07
didn't these little escapades cause a lot of grief and anxiety? i mean how could you be comfortable with it.
0 #1 RE: Tales Of My SisterHornyguy 2010-09-02 15:03
was she hott