Kissing Cousins - First love

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kissing-cousings-first-lovePeople say you will never forget your first love.  My first love was my first cousin Robin.  She was 2 years older than me and we were always very close.  It started out with teasing and the usual playing games that kids do.  Popping her bra little, quick feels here and there. 

As we moved into junior high and high school it became more of kissing and hugging and feeling one another up.  I remember one night that I set up a monopoly set and had a light on and made it look like we were playing but in reality we had been doing some serious French kissing.  I’m talking about each kiss being tongue and spit swapping for several minutes.  Her hands touching me. my hands playing with her breasts through her bra and I remember it was the first time I ever touch her sweet honey pot. 

As we got older many things happened between us.  Like the first time I ventured away from my house some 180 miles to spend the night with her in a hotel room.  Still being very inexperienced as I was, I didn’t bring protection.  But it didn’t stop us from tearing our clothes off and experiencing things that are forbidden.  Her lips were very sweet that night, her breast was perfumed her legs smooth and her body warm.  She was intoxicating.  My heart beat faster with every little touch of her hands on my body and every kiss I applied to her body.  We were in love. 

Many months later she was to visit me at home with her family.  I had made a big deal out of her being there so I left for a friend’s house and came home several hours later very intoxicated.  As I had gone to sleep I felt her pull me out of bed and she drug me quietly to our formal den where there was a couch and window.  The moon was coming into the room and I could see her clearly.  She demanded answers of me.  I told her how I felt and how I was feeling.  We kissed more and I groped her as she kneeled beside the couch touching my body all over.  It was to be the first time that she wanted to do more than talk, but she was afraid as I was. 

Many years past and things stayed the same until we couldn’t hold back any longer.  We were in our early to mid 20's now and still holding out until we couldn’t no longer.  We stopped being virgins at the same time.  It was so awesome to feel her hot womanly insides.  We started seeing each other every weekend.  It would be late Friday nights until early Monday mornings before having to leave on a 3 hour drive to college.  We would go at it from Friday night until Monday mornings we were addicted to one another.  We became so addicted that we moved in together and share many blissful nights.  It was daring to say the least.  We were living less than 20 minutes from her mom, who she was very close to. 

Way to many close calls and almost getting caught.  So many intimate details I could share....But I have to leave something for you to wonder about.

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0 #2 Kissin' Cousins!Karl 2010-11-01 21:30
What a great story. But I think you are being too uptight about what happened. Years ago, I too had a relationship with my cousin from another state and I look back upon it as one of the best times of my young life.

During summer vacation, my family decided to visit my aunt, uncle and my cousin who was the same age as me. We only spent three weeks with them, but I wish our stay had been longer. I hadn't seen my cousin since we were both five or six, and when we arrived at her parents' house, I immediately thought she was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. But I was so introverted at the time that I couldn't hardly speak to her. We were both 16, but because of my shyness I tried to avoid her for the first couple of days. Luckily for me, however, she was a very outgoing person and secretly made it known to me that I was "just another boy to her." It wasn't long before we were hanging together every minute of the day, and I began to think of ways to get even closer.

To make a long story short, we finally had our first kiss -- the first time I had ever kissed a girl! From then on we were making out everytime we could get alone together -- and we thought of everyway possible to be alone. I know now that she wanted more and would have let me do anything to her that I wanted. I just wish I had known it then. We never made it past the exploring stage, but I can still remember how it felt the first time our tongues met in an impassioned kiss, and the silky-smooth texture of her small BAD WORD , only two or three years in their development. I especially remember how foreign-like, but how exciting it was to stick my finger up her tight little BAD WORD for the first time. This was Heaven for the shy 16-year-old that I was. If I were to do it all over again, I'd do everything to her that I know she wanted. And even though we were first cousins, I'd marry her in a second and not think anything about it. Looking back, I realize that I loved her deeply and if it weren't for being afraid of other peoples' thoughts, we might be man and wife today, and everyone else be dammned!
0 #1 that was goodmommy1075 2010-08-31 04:09
i thank that was really good i my self have kissed my cousin.. but it never got deep