First Time With My Uncle

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hispanic-couple-incest-sexNow I feel its time I get this off my chest…

Well here’s how it started. I was living with my uncle and his wife for about 3months. It was in November, thanksgiving to be correct, my aunt and uncle smoked crack and would fight allot.

For those who don’t know drugs make people do stupid things. She had like 4 kids from different dads, but that’s not my point. Well the day before thanksgiving she got in a fight with my uncle cause I would smoke weed... but I honestly believe it was so she could go with her ex and ditch us... which she did, she left my uncles kids with us and took off that night.

I was so stoned and my uncle and I were getting high, he asked if I wanted to smoke crack with him and I said yea.. So we rocked it and what not, that was my first time ever trying that and OMG did it blow my mind away.

Well we where chilling watching the kids and they fell asleep on my "bed" which was the sofa. But I wasn’t sleepy obviously lol, so we turned on the TV and got to talking about life... we were going on a trip... and some of the kids toys were everywhere and I threw my uncle a ball and we were just playing like whatever, then I got up to go smoke and he grabbed me and started to tickle me. Then he slowly kissed me on my neck and that’s my weak spot.

We kissed and he picked me up and took me to his room we took off our clothes and he sucked on my tits and ate me so good that I came all over his face. Then he sat me on top of him and I did a cowgirl lol...For my first time... we finished and we never spoke of it again...

I moved back to my mom’s shortly afterwards and he would always go and visit cause he was close to my mom’s husband. One time I was cooking and he went up behind me and asked if we could do it one more time and I said no. I didn’t feel right and that nighter was just a crazy horny day.. He respected what I had said and we left it at that.

Every once in a while I think about it, but I don’t know he’s my mom’s brother, and I know I’m not the only family member that has slept with in the family.

My girl cousin from my mom side slept with my cousin Jim... She hated me because he did it one time with her and then with me, but anyways I know allot of people are thinking I’m a low class female, instead of using other words, lol. But I don’t care and I’m Hispanic for those who are wondering...

I have more crazy sex Stories that I’ll be posting up soon ;-)

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that was great story love to read more