MFM With A Freak

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MFM-2-guys-1-girlI have told my story about my first swingers party. On that night I had a blast. I been to a few others since then but I will share those stories later. This story is about when I first started to look online for a FWB. I felt looking online for one would be easy and cheap. This way I'm not going out to bars and buying drinks and we tell each other lies. On the internet people live another life. So I found this website thats for people into the alternative lifestyle. I always looked under W4M, or W4WM.

I had some luck on this website. Meet different females and most wanted what I wanted. SEX. A few wanted more but they knew they couldn’t offer me what I wanted in a woman.

One day while I was on my new favorite website. One female really caught my eye. In her picture you couldn’t see you face to well but she had a beautiful body. Thick thighs, Nice tits, juicy booty. She was looking for everything. What I mean by everything is W4M, W4WM, W4MM, W4T, and W4TM. I just hit the jackpot. A true freak. I knew I had to contact her. So I sent her a message on the site and the next day she replied back to me. We lived in the same City but she was on the other side of the City.

We didn’t play email tag at all. Within the third day of me contacting her she sent me her phone number to call her for directions to come over. While we were on the phone she told me she wanted a MFM 3some. I had 3somes before but they were always FMF. I agreed to do it with her only if the first time her and I are alone and then the second when I feel comfortable with her I dont care if he joins in as long as he doesn’t try anything with me. We came to an agreement and on my way to her house I went.

When I knocked on the door a guy answered the door. So I thought I had the wrong house. When I asked for her the "guy" let me know I was at the right house and she is waiting for me in the bedroom. So I go in the bedroom and she is already half naked. Sitting on her bed wearing just a thong and t-shirt. Now I see a good look at her face and she’s cute. Damn she’s the perfect package for me. Sexy, cute, and a freak. BINGO.

We sit and talked for awhile. Not too long. Just enough to rub the cob webs off. That’s when she asked me if I eat pu$sy. I was shocked. Because it came out of nowhere. My answer was HELL YEAH, but do you? I see you are into women too. Yea I like eating pu$sy as much as I like sucking d!ck she told me. She asked me if I was any good. I said I never had any complaints but there is only one way to know. That’s when she asked me if she can find out. Sure but what about your friend? Would he care we are in here doing anything? Oh he won’t care. So that was all I needed.

As she walked over to me she pulled her thongs off. I already been sitting on her bed with a hard on waiting for this moment. She laid down on the bed and took off her shirt and threw it across the room. She laid back and I grabbed her thighs and spread them apart. As I leaned forward to her sweet spot I can smell the Irish spring coming from her body. At the time I was a bit younger so I jump right in and tried to suck her cl!t off of her body. The more and harder I sucked the more she would come. As she would come she would push my head up and yell at me, give me some d!ck. That’s when I reached into my pocket and pulled out a condom. Soon as she seen my d!ck she said this is my lucky day. You can eat pu$sy and have a big d!ck. I put the condom on and started to f#ck her as hard as I could. She did the funniest thing ever. She howled like a wolf. I never heard that before.

Now we are finally having hot sweaty sex. I am going to work behind her. With every hard thrust she clutches the sheets and lets out a scream. That’s when the bedroom door flies open and walks in her roommate. I heard him and for a spilt second thought oh shit. I am naked and f#cking and now he’s pissed I'm in here getting some. I turn around not knowing if I will have to defend and that’s when I see he is butt naked and jumps in the bed in front of her and she begins to suck his d!ck. This made me VERY uncomfortable. But I wasn’t going to stop. I already started and I am going to finish. As we switch positions I couldn’t help but to notice he isn’t wearing a condom. At that point I knew these two are a couple.

I gave her what she wanted that night. She always wanted to have DP. When she got it. She had d#ck in two holes at all times. Mouth and pu$sy, mouth and ass, ass and pu$sy. I have seen couples do MFM before from the swinger parties I been to but when she told him "damn he has some good d#ck" that was the only time I really got scared. He asked her how did my good d#ck feel in her ass and she told him it’s the best feeling. He asked her better than my. Yes. At that moment he sounded so gay to me. I was worried he was a DL guy asking those questions. That’s when I knew I had to hurry up. So I pulled her hair and told her in her ear I am cumming. She yelled out he’s cumming. That’s when her lover yelled and said so am I and started to growl like tony the tiger from the cereal and she howled like a wolf again. I swear people, I can’t make shit like this up. This is the funniest shit I ever seen in my life.

Now I am cumming all in my condom and looking for my clothes so I can leave. She escorts me to the bathroom to clean off. While I am in the bathroom she keeps knocking on the door. I open the door and each time she tried to force herself in. I rush what I am doing so I can go home. I tell her lover bye and she walks me to the door. As I am walking out the door she calls me to back to tell me something. Remind you she is still naked. She whispers in my ear thank you. I always wanted that. You fulfilled my fantasy. I owe you. This is his house and I f#ck him for rent. He isn’t my man. Long story. Keep in contact with me and I'll make sure you have at least two of your fantasy fulfilled.

I left and yes I kept in contact with her. Like I said sexy, cute and a freak. We talked on the phone, chatted online, but never went out together in public. She became a friend. Over the years we lost contact because of our job moving us away. And yes we had sex again. Yes freaky wild sex. Stay tuned to hear the stories

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