Naked Massages On Crystal Meth

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crystal-meth-massageSorry it has been a while since I wrote! Busy busy summer. So I frequently visit these memories, and often, a part of me misses this part of my life.

It was during late spring, that Kattie introduced me to a friend whom did crystal meth, Her and I would party every weekend. Weed was an everyday all day drug, but we would look to any other means during the weekends to get fugged up. She knew this guy named Josh H. First of all, he was 5 years older than us which was like, whoa! When you’re 18. He had showed us Crystal meth. We smoked it on a piece of foil. We'd bend the foil long ways in half, then spread the powder from end to end. Once with the "steady hand" we would hold the foil and light it along the pace that the smoker would inhale the drug up the slope. It turned into maple syrup looking stuff, as you would reach as close to your mouth per hit. The longer you could inhale, the better.

Kattie and I started hanging out there more frequently, and getting higher than ever thought possible. The first night of what turned out to be a 5 night long binge, turned out to be a most memorable night of sorts.

Kattie and I started smoking meth off of foilies that night with Josh and one other guy friend, Bobby. The evening crept on, we all got higher, eventually ending up in the living room with rap music thuddding harmoniously. I became horny, for Kattie. I stood up, with my 5'7"build towering over her 5'1" frame. I pulled my tight white cotton shirt off over the top of my head. Her hands slid up along my sides , and threw the cotton pile aimlessly onto the floor. I took my bra off, then my long, chain link belt off from around my waist. I went first.

Kattie laid me down on the couch, belly first and bare breasted just like me. She then wrapped the chain link belt around my neck, like a dog and pulled back on it until my back began to arch. I moaned and writhed in pleasure. I was so intoxicated by katties every being. She would arch her back to the rhythm of the song and pull up and back on the chain around my neck simultaneously. She began to pull so hard that I supported myself against my palms, back completely arched, and screaming with pleasure. I returned the favor.

At some point, I noticed Josh, Bobby, sitting back, plastered to the couch, enamored at the sight that they were witnessing in real life. Kattie and I ignored their presence and continued on our journey of a new found pleasure. Her and I switched places, her lying on her bare naked breasts with tight white washed jeans, and I at this point straddling her in my light jeans and bare breasted. I wrapped that belt around her neck so lovingly and reared back with sexual intensity that could cut like a knife. We took turns very sensually massaging each other’s bare backs, until we felt that everyone else in the room would naturally disappear.  

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