Gangsta Life

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Gangsta-life-bloodz-cripsDo you really know what separates you from the thugs that you find in the seedy parts of your local neighborhoods?

Well I do because I lived the gansta life for several years, before I decided to change me ways. I’m going to give you the rundown.

In middle school I met a select group of friends who happened to have relatives in a local gang. We hung out all the time and before I knew it, my friends became members of the gang also; following in the footsteps of their brothers, sisters, and friends.

So we all hung out and I began joining them on what they called gang missions. These so called missions varied in activity, from car theft, beat downs, selling drugs, and robberies.

One particular night I was hanging out with three gang members and I had no idea prior to our meeting up, that they had a mission planed for that night.

My close friend and gang member which I’ll call Cash, was told to rob someone at gunpoint to prove himself to older members of the gang. Cash told me the rundown as we were hanging out drinking forties at one of my girlfriend’s house.

Cash then asked Christy to get him some rubbing alcohol. I asked him why and he told me that he wanted to clean off his finger prints from the hollow points in his chrome 45.

Christy got him the rubbing alcohol and Cash went into the bathroom to clean off the bullets. A few minutes later he emerged and asked me if I want to come along.

Wow! Just thinking about me being involved in an armed robbery was exhilarating. Of course I knew that I was doing something bad, but I have to admit, I felt a certain power and excitement about going with Cash and our crew to stick someone up.

Out of curiosity and stupidity I decided to join Cash and told him that I’m down but I want to make sure we don’t get caught.

He pulled out a few blue and white handkerchiefs and we fastened them over our noses, so that all you can see is our hair and our eyes. I told Christy that we’ll be back in a bit and the three of us walked down the staircase from her 2nd story apartment to get into my car.

Well the first object according to Cash was to find the Mark or Marks. Marks are basically targets. We drove around the neighborhoods and noticed two cars parked at the local park with groups of guy’s in their 20’s just hanging out.

Cash identified them as the Marks and we parked the car about 1/3 mile away from the park incase there's gunfire or something else happens, where it would be pretty stupid to have people see us run to my car. And because there was no way in hell that I was going to park close by to where an armed robbery was going to occur.

We secured our handkerchiefs over our faces, had a little chat about what was going to go down, and opened the car doors to began our Crip walk towards the prey.

So the 4 of us; wearing dark clothes with Crip style handkerchiefs over our faces, began walking towards the park at 1am. We could see the guy’s still hanging out by their cars and my heart began pounding.

I did some crazy things with Cash before, like shooting his forty five at some ducks in the park along with my other friend which I’ll call Celo, who was also shooting at the ducks on the frozen pond, but with a loud ass sawed off shot gun.

Yeah we were some crazy ass dudes hanging out with deadly weapons as if a war was going to break out any day now.

I actually never owned a gun myself because for one, my gang activities caused the local detectives to sometimes follow me on streets or stop by my house just to see what I’m doing. And number two when I got drunk my temper was so furious that I was always afraid that I might kill someone if they’d push me too hard. I never liked someone having the upper hand, and no matter the size of the guy, my evil thoughts constructed plans to destroy people with a swiftness in case I had too.

My life was just like some of the movies that you have seen with thugs. I knew the cops and they knew me. I ran from them and they always aimed to pin things on me. Luckily for me I did have a good head on my shoulders, regardless of the fact that I did stupid but highly exciting things in my younger years.

Anyways my thugs and I were walking slowly creeping up on the group of 6 guys who were just chillin smoking cigarettes from what it seemed like. When we were within two houses away from the park they all jumped in their cars hastily and left the park.

Dam! Our Marks left the scene and on one hand I was relived and on the other I was very disappointed. I mean the walk, the handkerchiefs, the rubbing alcohol, the preparation, all spoiled…

We dropped our masks and walked back to my car in disappointment. We decided to drive around town some more, but we couldn’t find any other marks and at 3am we went back to my girlfriends house to drink some more.

LATER ON I became a member of the gang because I was the getaway driver in a driveby for them. But the point I want to make here is this:

My friends were bad because they thought bad things and planned to do bad things. None of these guys or girls were born to be this way. To act like a Gansta and think like a Gansta is to become a Gansta. Just like if you act like a pimp for a while, sooner or later, you will have hoe’s to pimp.  Life seems to attract more of what you focus on. Everyone can become a Gangsta or even worse a politician LOL, all it takes is keeping a state of mind and planning the future with that frame of mind.

I’m lucky because I have never been in jail longer than a day and because I never did do anything myself which I couldn’t live with. But my friends on the other hand weren’t so lucky, and later on in life when they began getting caught and involved with more dangerous situations, I decided to change my way of thinking before I end up dead or in jail…

Never forget that you are what you think you are, no matter your age… that always remains true and all masters know this and write about this. Do the research…

Peace aka: VinceM

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